The Invasive Nature of KudzuSpirits, Health & Fuel SolutionsRegular or Unleaded!

The Invasive Nature of Kudzu

Whether a weed or vine, Kuzud grows at twelve-inches per day and can consume a square acre in in just months if left unattended. That said however, there are several powerful and positive uses of Kuzud which enhance lives if harnessed.

Spirits, Health & Fuel Solutions

Kudzu can be transformed into 'Kudzunol' for fuel, 'Puerarin' for Health support and 'Conversion Vines' for biodiesel fuel. Kudzu is naturally occurring and can be converted to the gas that transports us to the local retail centers where we can then buy spirits and medications both made of Kudzu as well!

Regular or Unleaded!

Kudzu, meet Kudzunol! Our invasive weeds are now filling gas tanks in your participating local markets! Kudzunol is a cheap and easy to make biodiesel fuel that makes the planet that much more sustainable in its highly valuable resources.

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